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Anything but country.....?????

I was on Facebook, saw someone I hadn't seen/communicated with in a while...I click on their name and see the section on their profile that says " Arts and Entertainment" and under that is the section for "Music"

Here's a screencap of that section of his Facebook page....

I freaking love it....

I have seen a lot of folks under Music list "Anything but Country" or "Anything but Rap" whatever... it doesn't really matter whats after the but...

First off, it's completely their right to feel that way... I don't think they should change... if they really mean it. This music discussion is really rather insignificant... but I think it kinda plays into a larger more important mindset. 

Being open to "Old school HipHop" and "Willie Nelson"... means this person took the time to listen to individuals music instead of classifying all Rap as crap or all Country as twangy bumpkins. This person got to know the music of the artist individually instead of taking the lazy approach and classifying all artists of a genre and denouncing the whole genre because of one member or even a group of members that don't meet their specific likes...

I wonder if Facebook had a section for Politicians... if people would have specific ones from mixed genres that they gave a chance and found out what type of person they are and what kind of work they did... or would Facebook just be littered with  "Anything But Republicans" and "Anything but Democrats" ???



  1. I am one who has a wide range of musical taste. I think enjoying, appreciating and respecting a wide range of music, films, literature and the Arts makes sense. Sometimes you are in the mood for "Die Hard," other times "The King's Speech" fits the bill. Just because you like Shakespeare doesn't mean you can't enjoy Stieg Larisson. On Saturday night, I want loud rock and roll, hip hop and dance music, but the next morning while reading the paper, I want something more acoustic, soulful or ambient.

    I do not, however, think that applies to politics. I can't think of a situation where one day I really want someone that is Pro-Health Care, Pro-Environment and Pro-Choice, and the next day decide that, no today, someone who is Anti-Health Care, Anti-Environment and Anti-Choice fits the bill.

    I guess you could like (or dislike) certain views politicians and still "like" them (or dislike them). For example, I like some anti-Choice Democrats, and gave money to one Democrat who voted against the Affordable Health Care Act (she lost). And I like that some Republicans voted to repeal DADT, but than again, all but one Democrat voted for repeal as well. And voting isn't the same as liking...I have voted for Republicans who are simply better than the flawed Democratic candidates before, but that doesn't mean I necessarily "like" them.

    But saying "anything but Republicans" simply makes no sense...I might like certain Republicans, or some historical Republicans (Abe Lincoln), and dislike some current Democrats (Ben Nelson). Besides, I would prefer Republicans to lots of other things (e.g., Monarchists, Communists, Theocrats, Anarchists, Segregationists, Confederate Secessionists, Jihadist, etc.)

    I went to Kevin Yoder's open house the day he was sworn into Congress. I like Kevin and I am sure he will be thoughtful, honest, and a reasonable representative, but I doubt that I will "like" him as a politician because of his political viewpoints (just like any other friend or acquaintance with different political views).

    But you like musicians for their music, not how they would be as a friend or neighbor. Similarly, you like politicians for their viewpoints and how they actually govern, not how they would be as a friend or a neighbor.

    You may like or respect certain politicians with opposing views, but stating that you "like" Barack Obama and George W. Bush, two politicians so diametrically opposed, is much different than stating that you "like" Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

  2. Dave,

    It took me while to reply to this one, cause I can't figure out if you are agreeing with me, disagreeing or just screwing with me...

    I wasn't by any means saying you should back politicians differently on a daily basis, based on your mood ... I was saying you should get to know them individually instead of choosing who to like based on a (R) or a (D) attached to their name.

    Which it sounds like you are stating you do... so way to go Dave!!!


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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