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My son took 3rd in the school spelling bee today.

First off a couple things you should know if you don't know our family:

1. We are pretty competitive... we like success and more often than not we try to put in the hard work that helps lead to it.

2. We are working on handling it better ... all of us... when we don't "win"

3. we love each other and are proud of each other whether one of us takes first, third or dead last.

Video is of my son freaking knockin' "magician"out of the park to make it past the second round of the school spelling bee.

I couldn't be more proud of him...

He was upset when he got knocked out, and you know what... I think we should be upset when we don't meet the goals we have set.

It happens, all of us have set goals, gone after something, and not achieved it and there is nothing wrong with it pissing us off.

He's the type of kid that won't let the being upset linger... but I bet he prepares even a little bit harder for it next year.

alot of us could learn a couple lessons from this 11 year old...

1. It's a healthy and good reaction to be pissed off when you don't make a goal you have set for yourself... it's called drive.

2. It takes a mature grown-up kinda attitude to realize you should take the energy and adrenaline from being pissed off... and work harder towards the next goal.



  1. Congrats to your son and a proud Papa. I agree with your assessment. A little frustration after not meeting a goal is definitely healthy.



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