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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Do some of us really need to be a little tougher....?

I just finished reading the book Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls, well, I finished it about 3 weeks ago.

Real quick about the book: Its a "true life novel" about the author's grandmother. Honestly it might be considered kind of a "chick book", but I loved it. She came up through the early 20th century in the Southwest United States and she was pretty much an Old West Cowboy and tough as nails. The book is "real" she makes mistakes, has regrets and deals with major hurdles in life that make a person think about their own dilemmas. No vampires or space creatures or glorious endings... just real life. I highly recommend it to anyone.

My mindset after finishing the book was "Man I woulda loved to live back then" -- it's the truth, not only was it a simpler time, I think people were tougher and smarter (street smarts) and as a whole society, folks had a better chance of achieving their dream.


How could folks have had a better chance of achieving their dream 100 years ago??

1. They didn't expect anyone to give them their dream wrapped up with a bow. No one 100 years ago had dreams of getting on a TV reality show and being famous for 2.5 weeks and then figuring out how to air out their dirty laundry and make a sex tape to get a few big checks and buy a fancy house that they would lose while in rehab.
Folks absolutely had dreams of being rich ... always have... but they developed a long term plan and busted their asses and went after the idea full-throttle. But... a lot of folks had the real American Dream... the dream of just being happy to be free. They had dreams of just owning a house and they worked towards it, long term worked towards it and many made it happen.... when they were 50+ years old and could afford it. They understood the American Dream isn't to HAVE what ever you want... it's to be able to AFFORD everything you need and then go after some wants. They wanted true happiness... not drive the Hummer that you can't afford type of false happiness.

2. People were tougher. Both mentally and physically.
>When folks wanted something... they figured out how to get the cash to pay for it, not how to borrow the credit.
>Professional Athletes were happy to be playing for the New York Yankees ... as a part time job.
>When the storm came and tore down the house and the barn... folks just went out right after the storm and started rebuilding. No one just sat on a chair and waited for help. The neighbors did show up to help... but no one waited for the Government aid to arrive.
>We weren't an overweight Nation.... because folks ate survive, and focused more on working hard, which burnt calories.

Tougher people that aren't waiting for the American Dream to be handed to them have a better chance of living the American Dream... and being happy.

*** This is not me preaching... I have been guilty of every single thing I mentioned above.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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