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Entitlements are gonna ruin us....

I actually don't think that I think we will actually get ruined.

I still believe that we are the toughest nation in the world when actual push comes to shove.

Unfortunately push actually has to come to shove to fight to people getting killed before we act tough and really deal with important issues and fix them. (I wrote a different post about being tough here, so I will try not to repeat.)

Let me add this as well... I don't think a very high percentage of us really act spoiled and entitled... I think its just that the ones that do act that way are the loudest and most vocal.


1. Public Education -  first, know this I think our education system can be better from the inside... but I think we as a society blame it for more than its share. I recently ran into a former high school teacher/coach of mine that is no longer in education. I asked why... he said:
"I became a principal, and when you (meaning me) were in school and kids got sent to the principals office for behavior issues they would cry and beg us not to call their parents. Now they yell and scream at the principal and demand their parents be called. Teachers and Principals can't win in that type of environment"
 It struck me very deeply. Plain and simple... if your kid isn't scared to have you have to get involved in a behavior issue at school, you, as a parent, are entitling them, leading them to a life of never accepting responsibility for their actions... and in turn, never feeling true pride in their accomplishments. The behavior issues that stem from this are a giant distraction in the classroom. Same concept applies if you kid isn't worried about your reaction to grades or performance. 

While standardized testing needs change and we need to dedicate more efforts in alot of ways to improving our education system. Its all pissing up a rope if parents don't parent demand respect and work ethic from their children.

2.. T.S.A. -- Ok, the body scanners that actually showed boobs was a bad idea. They fixed that. But all in all here's what we have as far as commercial airline travel in the United States...EVERYTHING. It's safe, for the most part fairly affordable for what you are getting, SAFE, the most convenient travel possible (until tele-portation gets the kinks worked out) SAFE... and so common place that its not even a big deal anymore that we can be somewhere in 2 hours that 150 years ago took 2 months. I know there have been incidents of horrible violations of peoples rights/privacy at the hands of jerkoff TSA agents. But somewhere around 2,000,000 people fly in the US everyday, every single one of them is processed in some form or another by TSA... we should be amazed that there isn't way more actual incidents. Note: I am firm believer that if someone's rights are actually violated, the offender should have the book thrown at them, as well as anyone up the chain that knowingly allowed it. But we have gotten insanely whiny about the whole process when 99.9% of the time we are delivered nothing but a safe, convenient trip.

There's several more examples... but this blog post is already too long.

To summarize... we have become spoiled... we feel like our travel experience should be perfect in our minds, it should be cheap and convenient and go exactly how we want. We feel like teachers should only say our kids are perfect, we bad mouth Cops for pulling us over even though we were speeding. We think we deserve a new car and a flat screen, instead of being thankful we live in a country that allows us to work towards being able to afford one.

It doesn't apply to everyone by any means, but I will be the first to admit on here thatI have gotten spoiled and need to come back to reality.

The American dream is not having everything you want... it's feeling the pride in earning what you have....


  1. Yay!! My favorite thought.. "Its all pissing up a rope if parents don't demand respect and work ethic from their children."
    We need parents to let their kids take the fall for real mistakes, as we all should. HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. Entitlement is a disease!!

  2. On the other side of your #1 Cody. My son cut some little girls hair in 2nd grade. He was sent to the office. They were going to call me so he started crying. Telling them how I was gonna make him do pushups and leg lifts (wonder where I got that from) the never called me. A month later the teacher said something about it in passing. He still did the leg lifts and push ups he did it with a bald head so he would know how that little girl felt when people looked at her hair. The principal only said well he was upset so we didn't call. I think ANYTIME my child is acting up so bad he is removed from class I should be getting a phone call.

    Parents and teachers have to work as a team. People should go spend 1 day in a class that does not have your child in it and you would see what a mess some kids are. Than go to your own childs and make sure that kid isn't your own!!

  3. I've been meaning to write about this for a while now. We've become a society of people who believe the rules don't apply to us. We're all special. From the mom who lets her kid off at the front door of the school instead of going to where she's supposed to in the drop off line and making the kid walk to the lady in the minivan who went across the intersection on yellow-ish red (OK, that was me). Why do we think that rules are just suggestions and if we broke them it's not our own fault. Do we not have free will?

  4. Great comments... the discussion is what we need, true discussion, facing the thing head on, admitting that all of us are some of the problem... and working towards making it better.

    Thanks so much for taking the time.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more! I was at US Cellular the other day with my sister-in-law (12yrs) and she literally threw a fit in the middle of the store because her dad said that she couldn't get a smartphone. She already has her own laptop and personal internet modem. Her fit rivaled that of my 2 year old son. It was ridiculous, I had to leave the store. AND SHE GOT THE SMARTPHONE!!

    I'm not sure if parent's just want to give their kids everything they never had, or if they are trying to buy the love of their kids, or if they just want to shut them up...but something has got to give! There is an entire generation of spoiled brats out there that don't know the meaning of the word "no" and don't even have to clean their own rooms. How will they ever learn to take care of themselves and be a productive member of society?


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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