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Why the art of discussion is dying.

I write a lot about "I am right and you are wrong" ... it boils down to this... I think so many folks today are so quick to "stand up for what they believe in" or "defend their rights" that they go into conversations about topics in 1 of 2 ways.

1. Most common is they only have conversations with people who agree completely with them. Nothing is ever learned in this situation. Example: only listening to one news source, especially one that is politically slanted. You don't learn, you don't understand more on the topic... you just reinforce the exact same level of knowledge you had before.

2. Not having conversations at all... not learning more than you already know. i.e. I was born into a Union family so Unions are 100% right or... at my work the Union keeps the lazy worthless workers from being fired and I can't get ahead so Unions are 100% wrong. i.e. I see people abusing Vision Card so all social services are ridiculous or... I see the benefits of social services everyday so anyone thats wants to reform or restrict them must hate poor people. SO many folks don't understand the situation, don't want to engage in conversation to learn and help find the best possible solution for things right now...

The just want to argue that "I am right and you are wrong"

The current event that really brings this point to my mind is the battle between Gov. Walker and the public employees unions in Wisconsin.

I think Gov. Walker is right to want to cut the budget and make the state of Wisconsin end up with a balanced budget. I also think he is right to take a long hard look at the states payroll and find way to cut things that make sense to cut. This in mind... I think alot of the folks that ORIGINALLY got up in arms about the deal over reacted with out really understanding the situation.


Then is was Gov. Walker's turn to be a jackwagon....

Because the Union's offered some pretty drastic concessions, just not willing to give up collective bargaining... and... Gov. Walker refused to sit at the table and discuss options...

Now we have protesters on both sides... and legislators "hiding out" in other states.

Not saying it would have worked out perfect for either side if a genuine discussion had been held ... but I think it would have been worth a shot.

Kinda discouraging.

While we do get some close-mindedness here on codytalks...

We do have some great discussions as well.

Here's a few:


  1. So much "closemindedness" - while I'm not going to preach here - went to an excellent movie last night. "Grace Cards" - I believe was the name of it -wasn't headed to it at all but when we got to Wichita, changed our mind and went to it, not going to win any awards, but story was awesome. All about closemindedness, "not listening", not having the "right discussions" - whether at work or home. Obviously, we have always been a "discussion" family but I sometimes do NOT say what I feel for fear of hurting feelings - that was one you didn't touch on Cody. That probably is not good either, as I will always feel that a "learning lesson" is sometimes lost there also at times. I have more than once been accused of "talking too much and listening too little" so I strive to work on that... so hmmmm. There's a fine line sometimes. Again, though, if there is the right attitude, I have always felt there should be discussion as everyone should be able to walk away learning something, they may not completely agree, but they should learn something. I've work with employees for 20 years and me being on the management side, I found I could reason with them if I listened to them and "discussed" their issues most times.

  2. We have always been a great discussion family Mom. I intentionally didn't list "hurting feelings" because I think its touchy and a case-by-case situation.

    Sometimes not speaking out for the sake of someones feelings is a good idea, its just not worth it in some subject matters.

    Other times it probably should be said.

    I think it boils down to common sense... whcih luckily i think I was raised in a house with alot of. :)


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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