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Why the Right is Wrong...

**I have wanted to write a post on this for about 4 weeks, I have 16 different drafts of it and I still hate what I put here cause I am having trouble getting my point across without rambling... but I decided to go for it and let someone smarter than me jump in and help me get my thoughts together. Really sorry its so poorly organized and written. 

First off... I am a registered Republican, for one simple reason, in most cases I believe in the ability of the people living in a community way more than I believe in a bunch of people who move to another community to run the community they came from. The Republican party used to think like that... I think.

I am not scared of Government, I don't think they are gonna take my rights away. I'm not a far-right guy that for some reason thinks they have no say in my guns but they have every say if i wanna smoke a joint.

I think the Government does some things very well, some things not so good.

Honestly, said this before, I should probably be a registered Libertarian but I want to be able to do more in primary elections than doodle a cat on the ballot or vote for some guy that wanted anarchy.

That being said...

If the Right, the Republicans, actually want to balance budgets, reduce taxes, there's one simple solution.

Loosen up your checkbooks VOLUNTARILY!! Give of your time VOLUNTARILY!!! Spread the word about things VOLUNTARILY!!!

I wrote a post about Governor Brownback turning the Kansas Arts Commission into the private Kansas Arts Foundation. which I firmly believe is the best solution right now given the state's budget. I honestly believe it's an opportunity for there to be MORE money for the arts coming from a state level. I guarantee you it is a huge opportunity for the fiscal conservatives to prove that privately run orgs. can accomplish the same if not better results than tax-payer funded commissions in some instances.


The Republicans in Kansas that support Brownback... (in this specific instance) need to get off their duffs and support the Kansas Arts Foundation ...
a) because the Arts are important and if it fails, a huge campaign, which I will supprt whole-heartedly, will be launched to move it back to tax-payer funded.
b) this is an incredible opportunity to prove that private dollars and orgs. can accomplish things... to prove the theory that Gov. doesn't have to be as involved in as many aspects of our day-to-day as is it currently.

*** If everyone quit bickering, crossed aisles, lowered their shoulders and just freaking plowed forward in support of the Kansas Arts Foundation... we could have the best Arts supporting org in the country.

My point in this while incoherent rambling...

I believe in the services our Government had in mind when they launched the vast majority of the programs they fund.

I think the idea of there being no org. to represent and promote and educate on the Arts in our state is a way worse proposition than using tax dollars to fund such a program. But, I think a privately run org. could help with a small part of balancing the budget (which is crucial) and I think it could in fact grow to be even more special than the tax-payer funded commission. But, this will only work if people support it, I believe they will, but they have to. Whether its out of a sheer love for Arts and Arts education, or just to prove a point that private dollars can accomplish these things.

If you agree that some things could be done privately or you just wanna help your state with it's budget woes What can you do??

> On the subject of the Arts Foundation -  If/when the private foundation launches... support it. Send $$ if possible. If not use your Facebook page or email list to promote it and support the events that support it.

>Just support orgs. in your community that get tax funding. The idea of being pissed that an org. gets tax dollars so you don't support it and make it less efficient is dumb, cause it will just get more tax dollars.

>>Example: Big Brothers and Big Sisters - if we started a legit 6 month campaign to eliminate the waiting list... in Reno County Kansas the waiting list for Bigs is currently exactly 103 ... we could drastically improve their budget situation by eliminating that list. They could back way down on the marketing and labor spent on trying to get the word out and get Bigs for Kids. Just spreading the word and/or becoming a Big... which costs the whopping sum of $0 ... Why aren't you a Big again? Of course if none of this interests you... a tax-deductible donation would be stellar as well. 

>>Spread the word about the Hutchinson Art Center (or the Art center in your community) the place is awesome. Incredible Art, Art classes, showcases of local talent. Have you been recently? Have you encouraged others to go? Just spread the word on Facebook or your email... take a groups of friends down there to check it out. Some of their funding is in jeopardy... but we could easily fix it, hell it could be bigger, better if we took some pride in it and spread the word. Of course buying some local Art if possible would kick some ass too.

>> Just support things in your community, be a force that makes them prosper... and the tax burden can be lessened.  

I know this is long and rambling.. really most of my blog is... so sorry ... 

My point--> do more in your community for the point of doing more in your community, do more in your community to feel good, or do more in your community just to prove the community can take care of itself with less Gov. in some instnaces. 


  1. I love to "listen" to all points of view. I love this!! We need to get active in what we say we believe in!

  2. I would give real money to have people like you, who actually think and care, serve in our local legislatures and the Congress. But that is another topic all together.

    On the subject here, despite our party registration difference, you and I think along the same lines. We are facing enormous budget problems at all levels.

    I don't think a private arts foundation is the full solution. Too easy for any private foundation to drift or be manipulated, in my opinion. I think there is a role for public arts funding. On the other hand, any public grant maker tends to get too wrapped up in administrivia. So when it comes down to what do we do now? A private arts foundation may be the best option left available.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Cody.

    You know where I stand politically, but as I watch all of our states, and our nation, struggling with enormous budget issues, I just wish people would be honest with themselves about their favorite programs and tax breaks....home mortgage deduction and veteran's benefits included, both of which I'm happy to use myself but can admit that they're a sweet deal that we may no longer be able to afford.

    Also, I note that no one wants government doing anything until the bleep hits the fan, then it's all, "Where's the government?"

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, and quit apologizing - you're an excellent writer. Just hug your spellchecker. :)

  4. Thanks to 3 of my favorite ladies on the web for taking the time to post.

    We gotta fix this situation ourselves in our own communities...

    or as Sheila so eloquently stated on twitter:
    "Shut up with the complaining and demonizing, and start helping"

    Love it

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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