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Holy Crap People... WTF People???

Listen, I am a fairly Conservative Christian guy, mainly conservative in economics... but I was raised in middle America and as a kid ...  at a minimum didn't know much about gay people, honestly I was probably anti-gay. Not because my parents taught that, by no means did I get that at home, but the school environment was to crack jokes and we tied every we thought about homosexuality to 2 men having sex, and we made jokes cause we thought it was gross and we were kids... I grew up and realized... people are people.

Ok thats out in the open.

Here's how I was raised at home, to treat people as people, really, to mind my own business and let people live their lives. Right up until they interfere in my life or the lives of someone I care about and then to fight like hell for what I believed in.

Ok that's outta the way too...

Here's what I learned at home concerning our Great Country and Government: (and what I firmly believe today) In America you have the complete freedom to do whatever you can accomplish, as long as it doesn't interfere with someone else exercising that same freedom. That's Liberty right? That's Freedom, Right? Basically "live and let live". I also believe the Government should, for the most part, live at let live. (not completely, I don't hate government, I just think it messes with the flow a little too much) When I was a kid, that's how the Republican Party represented itself to me... live and let live, help your neighbor when they need it, otherwise mind your own damn business.

Either I was wrong... or the Republicans have changed.

Why in hell are we even discussing D.O.M.A. ?

Why in the F*^K did Kansas just decide to delete part of a bill that strips out criminal code making gay sex illegal?

Why are we discussing more legislation against strip clubs?

This is not smaller Government. It's BIGGER Government

This is not better use of the time spent in Topeka, D.C., We have much bigger issues need adressin'

This is not protecting Freedom. It's taking freedoms away.

It's Legislating based on the legislators morality. 

I am still very conservative economically, which by the way... most Republicans have abandoned as well... so.. if any Libertarians read this, gimme a call...I will help any way I can. I won't vote for raving morons named Paul though.


  1. Preach it Cody. I think we're getting closer and closer to what we agree on. You know I'm a liberal - and now I'm more and more for living and let live.

  2. Thanks for posting this Cody...I appreciate you for not being silent on the LGBT issue, as SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE.

    Many do not understand what has been going on. It makes no sense at all to me that legislators-even local ones-- WILL NOT repeal outdated laws even though the Supreme Court says they were UNCONSTITUTUONAL in 2003..8 years later its still on the Kansas books..For many LGBT people it serves as a message of what, intimidation or a reminder being gay is illegal,..Why? Because in Kansas it is LEGAL to discriminate against LGBT persons..How many of you knew that???

    Many of my friends here in Hutch and around the state are afraid to be be themselves or speak of there private lives around co-workers and friends because they risk being fired or being evicted if they are found out..these are real real happens all the time... and thats a shame in 2011.
    Protections that inclulde LGBT people just as they protect those people of color, creed, national origin, disability and military status are needed in Hutch and throughout the State. Not for "special treatment" purposes as many on the other side of the issue will say.. but so when someone gets fired or a landlord wont rent to them and their partner they can report it and have somone to hold employers and landlords accountable..its not a HUGE problem but having anyone discriminated against is to many.
    I know I rambled..I am sorry- I have waited 45 years to finally be who I am - living 2 different lives and not liking who you are can make you a miserable person...something I am done with...

    Thanks again Cody for bringing this up...I hope people ask quesitons--make comments--it is something the community needs to discuss...


    please check out Hutchinsons ONLY LGBT Equality group More than half our supporters are NOT GAY, imagine that!!


    Jon Powell

  3. First off Deb and Jon....

    Thank you so much for the comments.

    but.. I want you to know something.

    In my mind this is not really, not completely a LGBT issue.

    It's a Human Rights issue. It's a Freedoms Issue. It's an issue with Representatives saying they want smaller Government and then using Government to impose their personal morals or beliefs.

    And... I think the employment issue is a different issue completely Jon.

    Marriage.. as far as the State is concerned is a legal contract between to adults -- nothing more. The gender of those 2 adults doesn't matter one bit unless it's a Marriage License contract.

    That's ridiculous.

    Honestly I think in this case... and in this State... more success would be seen if it wasn't made into a LGBT rights issue as much as a Human Rights issue. A Live and Let Live issue.

    Dr. King spoke very little about pushing the initiative of Black Peoples Rights... it was a Human Civil Rights issue... and he won.

    No matter how much you preach that you just want equality for all... if its behind the banner of one particular group, people are gonna just decide you want special treatment. It's not right, I'm not defending it, but its true.

    I don't have the answers really... I just know this whole discussion is a huge giant dumbass waste of time... There is no way it should even be happening... there's no good argument why are legislators are spending time on it.

    Maybe we need to just get budget figures on the income fromthe increased purchases of Marriage Licenses... that might speak their pocketbooks? :)

  4. I don't feel like I was clear in that last comment...

    Here's my point:

    Even if I hated Gay people... thought they were the scourge of the Earth...

    As long as I am in favor of Freedom and Liberty... Equality for all under our Flag... I should be pissed that the Government doesn't allow 2 adult guys to enter into a contract together.

    That make sense...? That's what I meant by its not a completely an LGBT issue.

  5. Glad we are having this conversation, I wish many more would join in. Sadly you are one of the only hetero guys in Hutch who will discuss it publically- I commend you on that!

    I wish you would be more clear on the employment stance...

    I think as long as you are qualified to do a job- Gay Straight or otherwise you should be allowed to be considered and not immediately disqualified because of "who you are" or "what you are"
    The arguement recently in the legislature was that they wanted to give employers passes on hiring anyone who would have made it a "burden on my their religion" can you imagine that?

    You know as well as I know employment discrimination happens daily in this city , state and country.

    Allowing LGBT people protections would jsut give them the ability for recourse- like filing complaint with the EEOC--LGBT people cannot even do that now- as there are NO protections for them..

    Let me share this story.. a teacher at one of of the public Wichita schools was not allowed to be the basketball coach- he was a good teacher- but the administration thought that he was gay and they didnt want him around the boys basketball team...
    This teacher was married with 3 children-he was effiminate- so he sued USD 259 and the case went clear to the Supreme Court after being ping ponged in the lower courts..some courts said he had a claim others did not..

    Ultimatelty- he lost his battle- do you know why??


    Sad deal-- this man is a teacher in a small suburb of KC now..he went through hell though..He is still married- his kids are grown.

    How would you feel if this had happened to you--being accused of being gay so you lost your job-- and there is NO RECOURSE...Amazing huh???

    This is exactly why proetections are needed...

    Hope this brings a little better light on the situation...

  6. I got your point Cody.. and you are so correct..
    I also believe that as long as I am not sleeping with someone and asking then to pay my bills they shouldnt have a right to tell me who I can do those things with if its not directly affecting them!!
    Kansas needs to get with it and stop living in the stone ages!!!
    thank you for your comments Cody.. just when I get depressed thinking this is a no win situation and we are screwed as LGBT adults in Kansas.. I get a breath of fresh air from a straight Kansan like yourself that supports us.
    So thank you my friend.. it means more than you will ever know..

  7. Jon,

    I shoulda been more clear about employment...

    It's not that I disagree with you... its just employment issues are impossible to enforce. They are not clear cut...

    Say you come into my office for an interview and I know you are gay... and I don't like Gay people for whatever reason. You are never gonna know I didn't hire you for that reason. That kinda stuff if freaking impossible to enforce. Hell its even harder for LGBT than Black... if you guys would all paint yourselves purple than at least someone could say "Look this jackwagon never hires purple painted people cause he knows there Gay, he's never had a purple painted person in his employee"

    Please know this is not a point about not having the law for equal hiring... it's my point on why it's a different discussion.

    You or Kathy (not together..because that would be legal) walk into the courthouse and say "Could I purchase a marriage license for me and my partner, fiance" and the clerk looks up and says "no because you both have penises or vaginas." That pretty damn cut and dry.

    It's a battle that should be over with already because of how blatantly cut and dry it is.

    I will write a post in the near future about employment laws and my opinion on them. I bet we do differ some.

    and clear this up for me...

    The teacher in the example in your comment.. he wasn't actually Gay right?


    Thanks for the comment... You're kick ass.

    p.s. Kath, Kansas is pretty damn cool in a lot of ways to... i know that easy for me to say as a White Guy that like women... but we got some cool stuff going as well.

  8. Cody, yes - the teacher was straight- but was somewhat "effeiminate" the administrators "assumed" or "perceived" he was gay--that lead to them not wanting him to be the basketball coach...He then made a stink about it- and they fired him - because they perceived him as being gay...which is legal..according to the Supreme Court..because KS doesnt have any employment protections for gay people- perceived or otherwise..


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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