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Sometimes you lose... The opponent doesn't so much win.

Just got done watching a volleyball game of my daughters ...

Played against a team that was less skilled and less athletic.

The other team won...

No biggie... Its 8th grade volleyball... No one will remember in a couple of weeks who won or lost that particular game.

I just hope my kid gets the point...

The other team wasn't blessed by God with 6 Gabrielle Reece (sp?) type players... They didn't even really fight harder...

Our girls just didn't go out and win.

Some of the time (not all, but some) in life the one who doesn't win is a lot more responsible for the outcome than the winner.

The joy of living in our great country is most of the time you get to decide.

Are you gonna win against your bills or let them win?

Are you gonna win the race for the job promotion or let the other guy win?

Are you gonna win the battle against laziness or let your desire to and play video games and eat cheeseburgers win.


(Typed this on my phone... Sorry if the formatting is funky.)
Cody Heitschmidt

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