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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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Bob Parsons of GoDaddy killed an Elephant... My perspective.

Bob Parsons shot an elephant in Zimbabwe, filmed it and posted it on the internet.

Bob is the CEO of GoDaddy.

You should know this, I am a hunter, I think its nearly impossible to describe/defend the connection I feel to Nature when I am pursuing this hobby of mine. Anti-hunters are incredibly passionate and anyone that knows me knows I would fight for their rights to voice their opinions just as hard as I will fight for my rights to continue hunting.

I don't want to get into the hunting debate...

Next you should know
1. Everything Bob did was legal. (I researched it to the best of my ability, I could be wrong)
2. He didn't take anything but a picture and some video.
3. He gave all the meat to locals, watch the video, they at least acted like they really needed/wanted it.
4. It seems from my internet research that the elephants really do destroy ALOT of the locals crops.
5. I think Bob's a dope for having so many locals be videoed butchering it while wearing GoDaddy hats.
6. I think Bob's a dope for putting the actual kill shot on the internet.
7. I think Bob's a dope for hiring Danica Patrick.... she's just doesn't make me wanna buy domains from him.
8. I think there's is about 2376 more important and productive things that all of these people could be up in arms about.

If you don't like what he did, protest hunting, not him... organize an effort to outlaw hunting of all elephants in Africa. Of course the human beings in Africa will be 100% adversely affected by loss of income, loss of agricultural food sources and even loss of meat based food sources in a few cases. Oh, the elephant herd in general will suffer immensely as well because a huge percentage of the money used for their conservation will diminish. But it's still a better fight than "Bob Parson's is an ass."  You are NOT gonna hurt Bob... if you do, the only thing he will do is quit posting videos... nothing for any cause , including stopping elephant hunting  will be accomplished.

My personal assessment of the situation is this..

There are a lot of people looking for an easy cause to use the internet to throw their weight behind... so they don't have to actually do anything.

(I know this is gonna piss a lot of people off, but it's spinning in my head, distracting me, gotta get it out)

It is so much easier to sit at your computer and rant and rave and tweet and status update your complete outrage at something that is happening... then to actually get off your ass, miss an episode of American Idol and make a change.

You want to throw your weight behind Animal Rights? Don't dedicate your free time in between TMZ episodes to getting people to sign a petition of disapproval for a guy that shot an elephant...

1. Give 10 bucks to a fund that spays and neuters animals in your community.
2. Actually adopt a pet.
3. Volunteer at your local animal Shelter.

You want Children to be your cause? Don't tweet about how jacked up our school system is in between your tweets about Charlie Sheen #winning... (if you are a parent start here and be honest with yourself)

1. Become a Big for Big Brothers/Sisters... (It's FREE)
2. Donate $50 to the closest Boys and Girls Club.
3. Become a volunteer in a local school to help the teacher out with kids that need a little more time from an adult.
4. Buy tickets to the events your school has, you get entertained and the school gets a few bucks.

You want Poverty to be your cause? Don't overwhelm Facebook  in between your quests on "Cityville" with "Republicans Hate the Poor Folks."

1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
2. Give that same Soup Kitchen the money you were gonna spend at Starbucks after you left the soup kitchen.
3.Find a way to help a family that wants help.

In closing... 19,983,000 people watched American Idol last night (real number) and I just made up the rule that if you sat for an hour last night and stared at American Idol you have 3 bucks and an hour of free time to give away.

Thats $59,949,000 and 19,983,000 hours of volunteer time, thats available to actually make progress.

That's how the worlds gonna get better folks, not sitting on a computer blaming Topeka, Washington D.C. or Bob Parsons.

*** Please don't come back with "I watch American Idol but also do these 8 things during other times that help the world."  This post wasn't directed at you. The post is directed at the people that just bitch... just use the internet to make themselves feel smarter than the world and do jackshit to actually improve the situation and use the excuse they don't have any spare time cause they are so busy...

Is that you?

Are you being honest in your answer?



  1. These are all good points. Another suggestion, form a Food not Bombs group in your community. Non profits like salvation army can be more of the problem than the solution as they can tend toward keeping the problem around since they do employ people and job security becomes and issue.

    I'm still looking to move my web business to another company. 5 years ago godaddy was great, in the past few years I've been having more and more problems with server uptime, quality of tech support, and rising prices. They really just are not the good deal they were before, and they CEO has a really big head - literally and figuratively.


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