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Do Americans really want Freedom?

I can't remember where I heard it.. but a couple of days ago I heard someone say 'Americans don't really want true freedom, cause true freedom also means the freedom to fail' (that's close to the actual quote... as close as I can remember.)

I hate generalizations... I would really like that quote if the word "some" was added to the very beginning of it.

Let's talk about it.

First off... I am not saying we have to let people starve to death, die from not being able to pay medical expenses or children wander around the street. I am not against Social Services and I agree that some of them need to be provided from a tax-funded stance.

But, I do feel like in some cases we have gone too far...

I think our entitlements have gotten to the point in some cases that the abuse level is so high that it is a burden we can't keep on with.

Jason Probst from the Hutch News (who often times leans a little more left than I do, I think thats a fair statement) wrote an article that got me thinking, its here.

In the example Jason is describing, I don't think I even fault the people purchasing the junk food from Kwik Shop for not understanding the financial value of cooking groceries at home. I do fault their parents, or whoever brought them up for not helping them understand how to save a buck when times are tight, but mainly I fault the system for "entitling" them with benefits that are aimed at preventing them from failing.

Get this part straight... I don't want them to fail... I want a system that teaches them to succeed.

Also know this... If the folks in Jason's example where in fact aware of what they were doing or had been doing it for a long time or are just taking advantage of the system... then I do fault them and we as a country need to get away from trying to be politically correct and only calling out Corporate CEOs for greed. Because using Social Entitlement Programs solely to make it so you don't have to have a job... is just as greedy as huge bonuses as the ship sinks. Yes its on a drastically different per instances dollar amount... but I would entertain a discussion on which version of greed actually disrupts the economy more... $10 a time a million times a year is the same as $1,000,000 once a year. Not saying I have the facts... I do feel like we gotta stop ignoring it.

I also think:

1. Maybe General Motors should have been allowed to fall completely on its ass
2. Government employees should be given comparable retirement plans to private ones and not guaranteed pensions.
3. Kids should be held back in school if they don't perform to their individual abilities.
4. Parents should be held accountable if their kids don't perform to their individual abilities.
5. School Districts and teachers (when given the ability to judge kids individually) should be held accountable for not providing the opportunity for kids to perform to their own ability.
6. Small Towns that don't aggressively fight to save themselves... are gonna fade away... and should.
7. Museums should be working towards self-sustainment.
8. Other countries that don't want our help, shouldn't necessarily be able to demand things from us when the dig a big-ass hole for themselves.

I have always defined freedom or liberty as "the right to do whatever the hell you want... right up to the point you infringed on that same right for another human being"

The "right to do whatever the hell you want" has to include failing if thats what you are choosing.

Please know this...

I am not saying eliminate entitlements... I used to lean that way... but it's not realistic.

I am not saying I want kids held back in school, I want the kids dealt with individually and the ones that truly don't care... need more dealing with instead of being slid through.

I am not saying I hate small towns, I love small towns, but if they don't think they are worth fighting for... then plain and simple... they aren't worth fighting for.

I am not saying I hate Museums, I love museums and work to promote/support them regularly, but again they have to want to survive or they shouldn't.

I am not saying I think the USA should be total isolationist... I believe we have a responsibility to help... but we can't help those that don't want our help. We have to let them fail if that is the path they choose.

As usual just a long pointless rant that cleared my head to write it, would love your thoughts, sorry to bug ya.


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