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Kansas Arts Commission again...

Back in January when the talk really got heated up over Gov. Brownback's new budget eliminating the Kansas Arts Commission I wrote a post here.

In the past 24 hours it has come out that the Governor's office has informed the staff at KAC they will be laid off. Ok I don't want to get into all the ins and outs... Google it, there's plenty of news on it.

** Ok a little bit of ins and outs -- sending a letter of lay-off notice was just bullshit. Could have been handled way different. Enough of that.

I love the Arts and I want it to flourish in Kansas... I am also a very fiscal conservative and I am that way not because I am against Gov. or Taxes... I just truly believe a lot of programs could be run more efficiently by private non-profits.


I don't know what I think about the Arts Commission... I don't know if public or private is better..

I don't think thats the discussion to have right now... because Brownback is gonna eliminate it from the budget.

My point is this...

Please, please, please... no matter what party you are registered under... if Brownback gets rid of the State funded commission... don't waste the energy to bad mouth the situation...

Let's just band together, Republicans and Democrats... Rich stuffy snobs and dope smoking hippies, Symphony lovers and Garage bands and back the private organization so fiercely that we end up with the best damn Arts supporting organization in the country.

We have to quit relying on Topeka to get us what we want...

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