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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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A little Family time...

I went to NYC last week for 140conf on Wed and Thur. - I wrote one short post about that here and I have another brewing in my head but this post is just about my great family.

So I spoke on Thursday morning in NYC and went to Laguardia (insanely crappy airport btw) a couple hours later and flew to Colorado Springs to meet up with my family. My wife and kids were there because my daughter was at a volleyball camp at the Air Force Academy. (She got the coaches award in her group, which she was the youngest in, sorry #prouddaddy moment)

From there we drove to Winter Park Colorado... it snowed on us. Yes, it snowed on us on June 17th. It scared the crap out of us that we didn't bring the right clothes... but honestly other than me having to buy a sweatshirt, everything worked out perfect.

We really didnt plan crap for our little trip... we did stay at Wp Lodge... you cannot go wrong there if you are gonna be in that area. But besides that... we just kinda flew by the seat of our pants...

We took pics of lotsa things...

Enjoyed incredible views:

Celebrated Father's Day as a family:

Learned not to cook frozen pizza on a plastic cutting board:

sorry Monkeybutt, couldn't resist posting that again...

And of course rode the Alpine Slide at the Winter Park resort...

It was an incredible time ... a fly by the seat of our pants.. no real plans good time. It was extra special because I think my kids had a good time.. with just us.. they didn't have to have their friends come... we just had fun together.

Anyhow, thanks Winter Park for being such a cool joint, and thank to my family for kicking ass!



  1. Yay for family fun time...nothing better!

  2. I agree Heidi... it was great... coming back to work... ehhh?!?!? ;)


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