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"We Teach Them to Drive"

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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
...Twitter is coffee shop of the world... the whole world can now know about the good or bad thing you did just like it's always happened at the small town coffee shop.

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Toughness: where's it at...

You ever think about the word "tough?"

I think its what made America.

People that when they saw something that needed to be done... they just did it.

 Imagine getting in wagon train for a 3 month journey and only having the supplies for 2 weeks. Then you get through the "Kansas Territory" and you see the Rockies for the first time... and you still go forward because California is the goal.

I think we have lost some of that... I think we have more and more people everyday that just want to feel success as opposed to earning it.

I see it all the way from little kid sports to grown-ups in the work force to folks buying a home.

In little kids sports, you don't win the game on Saturday... you win the game by working hard in practice and dedicating yourself to being more prepared than the other guy... great life lessons.

In the workplace you don't move forward and improve your situation by showing up late, bad mouthing the boss for being the boss and sitting stagnant while being bitter at the people moving up... you bust your ass... and move up.

In the pursuit of the home of your dreams... you don't just go get it... hell it may take years of busting your hump to get to where you can legitimately afford it... and that's what you do.. bust your hump, that's the American Dream!

Don't ever quit working to make your situation better... and it will get better.


  1. Amen!! I hate when I hear from kids, "Well no one won. We don't keep score." What?!?!?! How do you ever learn to work your butt off for what you want if you never learn you have to work your butt off to win? Someone has to loose. I think it's better to learn that at 6 then at 26. I just don't think we are serving our kids well to teach them that everyone wins no matter if you work hard or if you sit on your butt.

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