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I love the challenge...

I'm sitting here in my house working...

Yes, I am really working, have a to do list a mile long... and kinda kicking its ass.

I have known for a long time... ( I try to be self aware) that I kinda thrive in mild chaos.. If I feel like I have all my ducks completely in a row...I tend to procrastinate... If I feel some stress to get back to "ducks in a row" status... I kinda kick ass and get everything done. I tried to for years to be different... to be super organized... super prepared... it just doesn't work for me. So... I quit trying to change and relabeled it a strength ("Thrive Under Chaos") instead of a weakness ("Not a big planner, organizer").

Yes, It's just an excuse and I am playing mind games with myself... but it works...

I love a challenge... I love being motivated by the prospect that someone doesn't think I can do what I said I was gonna do.

I don't always succeed and honestly the failures and the shitty feeling after them, provide more motivation...

Really I don't know the point of this post... I hope you folks are kicking ass and either in a great place or rapidly moving towards it... don't sit and wait, don't let other whiners convince you too become one... don't ever be in a rut just because getting out of the rut seems hard or scares you.

Happy Monday.


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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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