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I wanna be a photographer....

I don't really wanna be a photographer... we will deal with that after the pictures...

Last night and this morning the ice covering everything combined with the ridiculous flatness of South Central Kansas has made for some very cool Sunset and Sunrise hit grass and trees covered in ice picture opportunities. So... I took some pictures...

The sun coming up this a.m. taken from our driveway.

The sun going down last night taken out our back door.

You can click on both pics for bigger versions.

In both instances above the real beauty of what was going on caught my eye... made me say to myself  "wow that's amazing..." 

Then I had this conversation with myself:

A. "That would make an awesome pic Cody... get a pic.."
B. "You should go get the nice camera, it's only 30 feet away in the house"
A. "But I have my phone right here with me"
B. "That's stupid you have a really nice camera that would take a much better pic"
A. "Yeah but I have my phone right here with me"
B. "Then why the hell do you even have a nice camera?"
A. "I don't know... but I have my phone right here with me"
B. "You're stupid go get the camera"
A. no response... click of the camera... on my phone...

I don't really have the patience or the desire and especially the knowledge to be a photographer... but I do like catching cool stuff and sharing it with folks... so I will keep hiring people that know what they are doing when it matters...and probably keep arguing with myself.

BTW... My wife is much better at catching awesome pics than me and she got some too... click here.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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