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"We Teach Them to Drive"

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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
...Twitter is coffee shop of the world... the whole world can now know about the good or bad thing you did just like it's always happened at the small town coffee shop.

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What the hell was I thinking...

Almost 4 years ago I started writing on this blog... (first post ever is right here)

I didn't really know what my motivation was... I just wanted to see if I could do it. I quickly realized I loved discussion and conversation. I'm not a real social person in real life, so I made a conscious decision to try and use CodyTalks to get the discussion and conversation I wanted about topics I wanted input and back and forth on.

I also speak in front of people a lot about all kinds of issues, I don't know if  I am any good at it, maybe I just do it selfishly because I enjoy the conversations so much. I really no kidding love helping people think out loud about an issue and just make a hard core effort towards both of us becoming more intelligent about it.

Over the past few years a few people have said "Cody, you should write a book". Not smart people or anything, mainly half-drunk friends of mine, but some people have said it.

So, I wrote a book. I am writing a book.... It was done 2 weeks ago... but now its not.

It may never actually be done, I kinda hope its never done, but we are gonna print some copies of it before the end of March. I have zero expectations of selling anymore copies than I buy myself to give to people, but we are going to give it a whirl.

With all that in mind, here's some things going on around it...

The book has a Facebook page - there's not much there... but if you are into liking a Facebook page for pity... click here. The Facebook page will become a much bigger part of the interaction after the book is launched.

The book has a twitter account... again... there's currently 2 tweets... but ya never know... it's here and it will be much more relevant once the book launches.

I even launched a Google Plus page for the book (I created it about 30 seconds ago) it's here and I think by the time the book is printed it maybe the coolest place for discussion about it.

One last thing and this one I want everyone's help with...

I am going to open certain sections of the book up for group discussion before I send the final copy to be published. I have created a Facebook group to trying and help facilitate this. You have to ask to join the group... but everyone that asks will be allowed in... I think that since the whole book is about learning and conversing together about issues in life... the book should be based on conversation and other's input instead of me just babbling...  So seriously, I want you to join this Facebook group and give me your input... if you want... it's here.

Thanks so much... seriously.


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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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