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The Root of the problem...

If people would no shit show others respect when having a conversation... I wouldn't get so cranky.

A school district, that I do not live in and my kids do not got to, is having a bond election in the next month or so.

This district (Buhler) is in fact in my county, a lot of friends of mine send kids there, I know a ton of people affiliated with Buhler school district. Yes, if they play Hutch in sports... I want Hutch to smoke them... (it goes way back YMCA basketball, they had a great team and kind of became our rivals) but... I want the kids at Buhler... because they are near us and Kansans and Americans... and just because they are kids... to have a shot at a great education. I don't really know if the specific details of the bond are a good plan... but I want things to be better in Buhler and your town... and everywhere.

So today... I see on the internet a video showing one of the grade schools and the nightmare issues they are having in dealing with organizing the kid pick up at the end of school. The video was on facebook... I shared it... mainly because "kid pickup" was drastically improved and made safer by a bond issue in the district my kids do attend a few years ago. I thought folks would wanna know one of the many concerns that the District is trying to address with this bond. Again... I don't really have a dog in this hunt... I was just sharing. So I share the video... A bunch of folks unrelated came in with comments like "what a nightmare", several folks who actually have kids at the school came in and agreed that this is actually what its like... and then one guy comes in with comments like 'I would support new schools, but this is staged', 'I wanna show support but it is hard with half truths.'

I hate that shit...

Why in the world would you enter into a conversation, discussion or debate with the first words out of your mouth accusing people of lying. Accusing people of staging little kids and parents to trick folks into raising taxes. Why wouldn't you start an intelligent conversation about the other side, about your opinion.

If he had come in with the question "is it really that bad there all the time?" or said "What a second, lets talk about the details of why it was so bad the day this video was filmed" or said "Where can I get the details of this bad issue because I'm not read to sign on if this is the only issue. If he had in any way entered into this conversation with some thought and consideration for the people who were obviously upset about the situation... it could have been a great conversation on that dumb blue and white website... he didn't. 

People wonder why stuff doesn't solved in Washington.. this is why.. people hear someone talking and jump right in with you're wrong, you're lying and I am just gonna yell louder than you to seem like I am more important.

It pissed me off enough that I got halfway sassy back... then he came back with 'I knew if I said something negative about this bond issue I would get attacked" ... It's not that you had a different opinion than me... it's that came in guns ablazing... accusing people, pointing fingers, calling people liars.

If you take the time talk with folks... find out whats important to them and care about it... well, we would get a lot more stuff done. We would live in a better world. For sure my blood pressure would be lower.

It's an easy way to make the world better... today.

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