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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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My weird ass revenue plan....

A piece of art I bought from Jess Dingus, a Wichita Ks Artist I met on twitter

So I have this Radio Show starting (details here)

Come to find out... when you have zero clout in the world and decide you want to do a radio show, they don't write you great big checks just because you have a radio show. :)

So I have this idea that not only makes me happy, I think it can help some very cool folks and I think I can cover some of the costs of the show with it.

Here it is:

The idea starts with this love I have for people that make stuff... not so much companies that make stuff, but individuals who make really cool stuff... Artists.

There are millions of people around the world making cool stuff, in their basements, garage, home studios... whatever. Honestly, deep down I think I am jealous of those people... I wish I could create stuff... but I am not motivated enough to actually do it, so I just admire folks that do.

What I want to do is promote those people on my show, help them get the word out. In the ways of old, I would ask them to send me a check... and I would talk about them, maybe link to their website through this website, etc... I don't think most of these folks want to send me a check, but I want to promote them and ... YES I want to generate some method of recuperating the expenses of the radio project. So... I am gonna set up a online store... I am gonna ask these artists to enter into a contract with me where I will give them "X" amount of advertising and they won't send me a check... they will send me "Y" amount of product that I will then be responsible for selling to folks and shipping it to them. I want to be flexible, I want folks that aren't real flush with cash to be able to use my show and website to get the word out about the cool shit they make... So by the 2nd week of the show we will have a store up and running, the stuff in the store will all be made by cool people around the world that I have made a connection with and I will supply the links for you to make a connection with them as well. I promise its cool as hell to by artwork from someone you have met in real life or virtually.

Here's what I need... anyone that makes anything and sells it and wants to get the word out... send me an email --- --- and let me know if you are interested in working something out. If you don't make stuff, but you know someone that does... send them my way... please?


I think this could be a cool idea and fun as well.... thoughts?


  1. This Amy agrees. This is one of the better ideas you've had. If I can help in any long-distance sort of way, let me know.

    1. Thanks to you too this Amy... I need tons of help... right now I just need folks that make stuff to contact me so we can knock out some details...


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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