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Ok I really need and want your input...

Ok so it is official I am launching a radio/internet talk show based around the 4+ years of cool discussions I have had with folks centered around this blog.

Details as far as broadcast times and where to listen/view will be coming in the next week.

Here's my goals with the deal:

1. Have fun.
2. Provide folks with an intelligent discussion that isn't filled with BS partisan political rhetoric.
3. Have fun again.
4. Inform folks of actual facts around current issues.
5. Sprinkle some of my thoughts in on it... it is my show.
6. Worry about it being fun again.
7. Completely immerse the show and topics in Social Media to help bring access to everyone that wants it.

That's it... that's what I want to do.

I want everyone that listens to the show to be involved and here is your first chance...

In the comments below, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... list 3 or 698 issues you would like to hear discussed in a common sense manner on a radio show. The one listed the most between here and twitter and facebook and google+ will be a topic of focus in one of the first three shows. Really, it will.

If you want to stay up on the show... click your preferred link below and if you want to tell 8 or 10 thousand of you friends about those links... do it. ;)

Google +

Thanks... I hope you will come along for this ride, it may be a dumbass idea and the show may suck... but we will have fun, promise.


  1. Um Ill get back to you on ideas... I follow on all 4 blog, google+, fb & twitter! So does that make me a stalker??? So any updates on all the above are great!!

  2. Drug Laws
    The Tour De France
    Educational Reform
    Rural Development
    The Boston Celtics
    Body Modifications/Modern Primitives - Tattooing, Piercings, etc.
    Things to do in Kansas when you don't have any money
    Gay Marriage in Kansas
    Apple Gadgets
    Game of Thrones on HBO
    Quantum Physics
    How to create a fool proof vegetable garden

  3. Social Respect in public or social media...FB, Twitter Etc...
    Relatioships that involve control in one person or another... Why?

  4. Can't wait to listen. Havin a tech segment would be cool, but whatever he topics, KEEP. IT. REAL! :)

  5. Health Care
    Parenting - when to step in, when to stand back and let them figure it know all that fun.

  6. What we can do to get the state of Kansas back on track after this year's legislature has derailed it.

  7. Well, Social Media of course, and I really like C's idea on parenting. (I'm sure I will come up with more later, after you choose...)

  8. The battle between Johnson County and the rest of the state of Kansas.

    How to raise a girl who doesn't end up a pole dancer.

    What does it really mean to be tolerant of others' opinions / beliefs.

    Paper vs. plastic vs. reuseable grocery bags

    What's up with all the falcons in TV commercials these days?

  9. Big topic I would love to take with the big dogs.... Justify Beauty! You have tall slinder run-way models... The Plus Size Models!! What about the middle one's. Short one's for that matter.... Bottom line.... What is Beauty as in size! Everyone has a form of beauty..

  10. 1. The role of the modern day dad. What is expected from dads.
    2. KU basketball
    3. Parenting without walls - how parenting has changed and how kids now have access to just about everything with the push of a button
    4. KU basketball because it's important to talk about
    5. GEN X - running the country or are the baby boomers hanging on too long
    6. Best way to market a small business with a small budget...yes we know social media
    7. Best wrestler of all time
    8. How to convince people of the power of positive thinking
    9. Best vacation spot

    That's a good start

  11. Hey Cody, I like your idea about the radio blog. One idea I would really like for you to touch base on the radio if you could and that would be about stopping bullying in schools. Since I was a victim of it for 5 1/2 yrs in middle/high school, I really am a advocate in regards to it. It is a very soft spot in my heart and I don't think that anyone back than took it too seriously and that is sad. The people that bullied me basically stole some precious years from my school life and replaced them with very bad memories which at times come up and remind me why I am so grateful to be out of school. I don't wish that on any kid. What are your thoughts on this matter, beings that you are a father of 2 kids? Another topis would be what will it take to bring people into Hutch and remodel and update our mall, basically making Hutch a great place to live and a awesome place to visit.

  12. Thanks all of you for the input so far... have also had some great feedback on FB and twitter... we will write all the ideas down and add the top ones to the list of show topics we want to discuss!

  13. Corn starch. If you're really creative you can make it work ;)

  14. It sounds really very interesting. This is something I clearly want to consider.
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  15. Thanks so much for all the great input... seriously, I love it! We are working on laying out content ideas for the first dozen shows right now.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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