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"We Teach Them to Drive"

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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
...Twitter is coffee shop of the world... the whole world can now know about the good or bad thing you did just like it's always happened at the small town coffee shop.

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A New Concept for Helping Folks.

I have spent the last 9 years as a "Problem Solver" (it's a consultant in most peoples minds, but that word makes me feel icky.) I have gone to businesses large and small, start-ups, schools, non-profits, Law Enforcement agencies, industry conventions and 1 person, work from home, part time hobby shops and listened to their problems, issues and/or concerns and helped them come up with solutions. 

I don't know for sure why people keep calling and asking me to do it. I think I have a knack for getting them to think about and discuss the issues they are facing... and I work my ass off to stay current on the best possible solutions out there, I can also operate Google... bring in other options and facilitate implementing them.

So about 6 months ago someone told me I should find a way to write out tips, ideas, general practice ideas and sell them. Maybe one for business and one for folks personal lives. So I wrote a book... that's not really going anywhere because I can't make myself decide I am done with it and send it off to be published. About the same time I discovered a service that allows people to subscribe to a email list... I signed up and it sat for the last 6 months. A conversation I had yesterday with a good friend made me decide to give it a shot.

So... here's the plan....

I am going to write 2 different advice/suggestion/tip type emails:

1. The CodyTalks Premium Business email: This one will be for businesses large and small. It doesn't matter if you make candles and sell them from your basement, you are an artist just trying to sell your work, if you are a teenager with a garage band or you run a company with 5,000 employees... I will, at least twice a month send you a tip from myself or people in my network that will actually make a difference in your bottom line. I am a huge fan of limiting risk and maximizing results in a common sense way that leads to profits, then more profits. We will also offer a monthly deal to the list subscribers, might be a book at a discount, might be a discount on services from me or a great consultant friend of mine, might be something free?? The system will charge you  $2.99 a month to get access to these tips and deals. You can cancel at anytime. The processing is done by Amazon so it couldn't be any more secure. Click here to sign up.

2. The CodyTalks Premium Personal Email: This one will be for personal stuff, relationships, finances, tech at home stuff, healthy and fitness, self-motivation. It's not that I am guru at these things, but... I have some good tips and ideas and MUCH more importantly I have some real cool friends and acquaintances that I will pay to deliver these lifestyle tips. We have some really cool stuff assembled and have been looking for a way to deliver them and get them compensated... so I am going to see if this works. We will also have monthly deals on products or services from the CodyTalks store or other friends of mine, only available to those signed up for this email service. The system will charge you  $1.99 a month to get access to these tips and deals. You can cancel at anytime. The processing is done by Amazon so it couldn't be any more secure.Click here to sign up.

Part of me really fears seeming like an egomaniac over this deal. I'm not... I promise. I know there's a lot of folks out there with advice, possibly its all better than anything I could offer you. The only thing making me feel better is the ridiculously low price. So fire it up and let me know what you think?


  1. Cody, I've been following your posts for a couple of years, ever since we discussed the "Sister Shopping Cities" concept. Just keep throwing up those ideas and see what works. This puts you way ahad of most. Why not offer a sample, build an email database, and go from there.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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