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My response to Shelley (My thoughts on Unions)

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In one of the current events on the first episode of "The CodyTalks Show" I talked about my lack of interest in Major League Baseball since the 1985 strike. I didn't go into much more detail... I hoped it sparked a response. It did...

Shelley left this comment on the show page:

"Congrats on your first show! Enjoyed it a day later! I am probably the only person who focused on your small statement about being done w/MLB games because of the strike(s). This affected me, not for the obvious reason, but as a union member (APFA) I know work stoppages are not simply about $$$, but baseball players, movie stars, airline and auto workers all want the same thing most Americans benefits, retirement, good work enviroment, fair and equal treatment along w/fair and equal compensation. Just some are on a grander scale than others. So don't be a "player hater" because their union was looking out for their best interest, not to mention, most of those players are no longer playing. I have to admit, I don't watch many MLB games on tv, I get my fair share of live, local games where I have a vested interest!! Look forward to next week's show!"

First things first... I had to Google APFA, It stands for Association of Professional Flight Attendants. (side note... the second Google result is "American Pole Fitness Association"... kinda made me giggle.)

Once I Googled it and realized Shelley was talking about Flight Attendants and not Pole Dancing... I realized that I knew who Shelley was. I also realized she had a personal connection to Major League Baseball and that connection was happening right in the middle of the 1985 strike. That realization made me seriously stop and ponder the comments I made. (The comments are at the 9:28 mark in the video here) *** I should not have said "I have lost my interest in baseball"... I should have said "I am way less of an avid fan of Professional Baseball" 

And... I still stand by comments. As a 10 year old I could not understand why the players would want to keep the games from happening when the minimum wage was $60k and the average salary was $371k. I still don't. I get everything Shelley says in her comment... I even agree with some of it... but I think people in every case possible should be dealt with as individual employees and not as a herd. I have no problems with groups of employees banding together to negotiate benefits, those things come in packages... salaries should be left out and a person should be paid what they, as an individual, can make. 

I understand that the owners were getting rich and some of them were treating employees less fair than others. I don't have an answer... I still love baseball and spend a fair amount of time sitting and watching local baseball games... I have zero animosity against any individual involved in the 1985 draft... I still watch every single baseball game once we get to the pennant races because I love exciting meaningful sports of any kind. But the 1985 draft made me a hardcore college sports fan.. and a fair weather seasonal professional sports fan. 

There are alot of examples in history where one group of people decided it was easier to treat another group of people as a group and not individuals... it has never worked out good. Ever. Its killing budgets in Gov. entities... it's causing increased pricing of everything in our world... people should be dealt with as a person and not a member of a group. 

I don't hate unions... I see many incredible things they have accomplished throughout history... I just think there is a lot of things that went bad too. 


  1. Mine was the 1990 strike. I even came from a house with a union worker. As a kid though we can't put it all together though. Really, what I understood at 10 was the sport I wanted to watch wasn't on. I haven't watched much sense then.

  2. Over the years I've slowly backed away from pro sports due to the crazy salaries and attitudes you see among the players. Having been a union member and seeing the good and bad side I'm against Unions in general. They had their place 50-60 years ago but no more. What they have done is priced themselves right out of jobs. Why have all the big companies gone over seas? It's because Unskilled labor is not worth the crazy rates people are being paid. Argue that all you want but in the end the facts are reality.

    1. I agree mostly Art... although I don't have ay ill-will towards a single person making as much as someone is willing to pay them... It's the bargaining as a group that I believe has screwed up the system some.

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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