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"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
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What would you do? "The Magic Wand Question"

I asked this question on Facebook and Twitter last night:

"If u had a magic wand or 3 wishes, whatever. What would you do to make your world a better place? Don't sit and over-analyze... Just answer."

The responses were awesome. Made me think, made me smile, made me wish I could make some of the folks wishes come true. 

The Facebook post and comments are here, go check them out... it's worth it. 

I have asked a few of my guests on the radio show this same question: "If you had a Magic Wand" how would you fix things?

I really love the question and love the responses... I like doing stuff that makes people stop for a second and ponder. I like the word "ponder"... but I have one issue about my own question that bothers me. I think it makes people think to big. Sounds weird I know, I kinda wish I had asked the same question but add the rule, its only good for a 25 mile radius around your house. 

You see I think most of the problems we all have in our communities and neighborhoods are our fault. The people's fault. We wanna blame greedy CEOs and Politicians and al-qaeda  but most of it is problems we brought on ourselves. 

Health Care: This is a 83% a personal fitness and nutrition issue. If folks just took better care of themselves... we wouldn't have a need for health care reform. 

Poverty: This 79% a personal choice issue. If the folks that are being freeloaders would quit and folks that have the money to help out would help out those who truly need it, entitlement conversations would go away. 

etc... etc... 

*** I make up almost all the percentage figures I use. 

The only way a difference is going to be made is if we focus on ourselves and the folks that live within 25 miles of us and not the entire world... 

My questioned spurs some really cool discussion, but it makes folks think too big. So I am rephrasing it and trying again. 

Same question, but it only applies to a 25 mile radius from your house?? Thoughts. 

Thanks, Cody.



  1. I love this question. I didn't see it last night. Okay I am gonna wave more than once. First I would wave it for job creation. I don't mean from the government, small town people, country folk who have been hurt by NAFTA. Second I would wave a wand for the cure of Alzheimer's disease which we seem to have a disproportional amount per capita. Lastly for today, I would wave it so that the teachers could teach and not spend all day 'parenting'. I think I will stop today with 3 waves. :)

  2. 1. stop the speedsters* on my street (*especially those who only use it to avoid 2 intersections; i humble myself by assuming it's b/c they're too stupid to figure out how a 4-way stop works and the fact that there are 2 of them just makes them brain-dead).
    2. make the trains in h-town dissapear. (it doesn't matter if you live on 4th or 82nd, monroe or apple lane, you can hear those suckers EVERYWHERE. i feel that it's one thing that unites all classes of hutch. we all share the noise.)
    3. get my neighbor to wash/dry my car by hand (like he lovingly does for his teenage daughters, he's a swell dad)!

  3. 1. Make native landscape the societal norm, not green grass. This would mean people will stop wasting precious water on lawns.
    2. Make the cost of fresh fruits and veggies as well as the availability of them better than crap processed food in a grocery store. People would also love to eat vegetables.
    3. I would make true community living a societal norm as well. People would share daily meals with neighbors, really know their neighbors and care for one another as well as share resources.

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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