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Guest Post: Dr. Davis - How do I know if I am Overweight

Dr. Bill Davis was a guest on week 5 of CodyTalks live show. I personally love his approach to health and nutrition. His desire to create healthy living rather than reacting to illness is key to optimizing your health. Attached you will find some keys in evaluating your body and help in understanding obesity.

It is not always easy, because two out of every three people are overweight or obese in the USA these days.  So, the tendency is to rationalize that it must be “The New Normal.”  There are more and more obese or overweight people on TV and in the media…it is like the good folks on Madison Avenue are trying to let us know that it is OK to be a little chubby these days…gotta keep moving those Big Macs and Fries!  

“What if I don’t have high blood pressure, my cholesterol is normal, and I feel OK... a little sore in the knees and hips, maybe.  I must be OK, right?  My doctor said I was OK…”  Have you noticed that most of the doctors are fat, too?
The thing is that if you are overweight, even if you feel OK and your doctor says all your lab tests are “Normal”, if you are too fat, you are at increased risk for a host of health problems that you could avoid if you were at a healthy weight.  If you have excess visceral fat, or “belly fat”, you will automatically have more inflammation in your system than if you are at a normal weight.  Increased inflammation increases the risk of dozens of diseases, including coronary disease, diabetes, allergies, and auto-immune disease…several cancers, too.
So…back to the question… What is normal, and what is overweight?  Here are some guidelines:

1. Waist/hip ratio.  Measure your waist at the belly button, and measure the hips.  The ratio should be less than 0.8 for women and less than 0.9 for men.  If the ratio is higher than that, you probably have DUNLAP DISEASE…Your belly done lap over your belt! You got a MUFFIN, girl!
2. Waist Circumference: over 36 for men, over 30 for women.  This varies by height and bone structure, but it is a rough guide.
3. Percent Body Fat:  If your percentage of fat is over 29% for women or over 20% for men, you are borderline overweight.  You can have this checked at your doctor’s office, or I can check it for you.  You can also get a bathroom scale at Target or Walmart that will tell you your Percent Body Fat.  These scales cost about $40 or less.
4. BMI, or Body Mass Index:  This is a number that you can calculate on our TSFL website,  The BMI is a function of height and weight, and is a rough guide, but pretty reliable.  BMI less than 25 lowers the risk of many health issues, such as coronary disease, high cholesterol or triglycerides, or type 2 diabetes.  For example, a BMI of 25 for a 5’6’’ person would be 155#.  A person 5’10”” tall with a BMI of 25 would weigh 174#.  You can find BMI charts online.  The lower, the better, unless your percent body fat at a particular weight is low, say 15% or less.  A well muscled man with low percentage body fat may have a BMI over 25, for example.  Most women would be borderline overweight if the BMI is 25, and definitely overweight if the BMI is over 25.

The good news is that there is a great program called Take Shape For Life that can quickly help you lose unhealthy fat and lower inflammation for good.  It is easy, it works fast, it is clinically proven with very solid science to support it.  It is the best system I have found in 40 years of medical practice to help people lose fat and create optimal health.  Kris and I are Certified Health Coaches with TSFL now, and we have helped hundreds of people lose weight, feel better and be healthier than they have ever been before.  Call me at 620-669-7938, or e-mail at and I will be happy to explain in detail.

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