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Preview Post for Episode 11: Michael Murphy author of Spare Time

I am very excited to have author Michael Murphy on CodyTalks this Sunday. Honestly having not met him but reading through all of the material Michael has provided me as background into himself and the book, I am not sure where this show will go or which topic we will end up focusing on. He’s got what appears to be an interesting and varied life. From being a pilot to raising Alpaca’s, this show may definitely be hard to cram into one hour.

When I originally looked at having Michael on the show it was based on his publishing his first book this in June of this year. Having written articles for Alpaca publications and one humorous fictional story based on real events, friends and people around him convinced him to take on writing a book. ‘Spare Time’, a fictional novel takes on issues the real world are currently facing was born of that suggestion.

Michael and his wife Janis live in a log home they built on the plains of Kansas operating a Bed & Breakfast out of their home.  Prairie Oaks Inn a dream both Michael and Janis have had for years is located in south central Kansas.

In addition to the B&B and writing Michael is also the owner/operator of The Flying M Ranch and is involved with many aspects of the Alpaca industry. He is a retired captain with a major airline, he enjoys bow hunting and shooting different firearms, gardening, and raising different livestock and fowl.

One of the things I noticed that we will have to talk about is his involvement in the Honors Flight organization. I don’t know much about this program but from what I am reading on the information Michael provided, it appears to involve bringing US armed services veterans to Washington Memorials.

If you want more details on Michael’s book you can find them on his website:

You can follow him on Twitter here: @SpareTimebyMM


Or Google Plus:

We also have a link to a recent blog question/answer session that Michael did with that will explain a little more about how the book came about and more personal background into Michael’s writing philosophy: Murphy

I’m sure I missed some of the details of Michael’s life but as I said, he appears to have many varied interests. I may just be a little excited about this show. If you want you can shoot us some questions ahead of time that we can prepare for. If not, I will just wing it again like last week...we all know how that went.


I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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