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Guest Post...Unemployment and the Election Year

Christine is a friend I met on twitter over the last year, she's been very open about her life changes over the course of 2012. She came to me with this article she read on CNN and said it would be a good one to write a blog post around. I'm so nice, I told her to write one and we'll post it. I don't think she expected me to tell her that, but I knew she could do it. Of course, she had to be all smart and write it in I think a half hour...maybe there will be typos or she won't make sense...just kidding, not really.

I'm going to add another plug, if you have a guest post that you would like to submit, please write it and send it to

Here we are 22 days away from what is one of the biggest decisions this country has had to make in well...forever it seems. While I freely admit I’m not overly political and will not say which way I am going to vote, that does not mean I am not paying this election year a lot of attention. Mainly because, I was among the 12 million unemployed people in the US this year. A place I never thought I would find myself.

While I didn’t struggle to find a new job in my chosen field, it was still a scary position to be in. I had been at the same company since high school, very little college at night in the years since I started there so the prospect of going out to look for a new job was intimidating. Luckily, I have nice friends that kept me in mind and I was able to find another position under my terms. That job however, did not start officially until four days after my severance ran out and the training week was not at full time. Have you ever filed for unemployment? It’s almost like signing your life away to the devil (or big brother...same difference), I’m still in that battle for the pay for those nine days that I was not working full time.

My chosen field is financially related and more specifically insurance related. These companies are obviously struggling at this time as much as any industry is. So, yes, I’m concerned about which officials are going to do the best for our country and our economy to turn this situation around. Today as I was checking news on CNN, I came across an article that probably also typifies the situation for millions of unemployed americans today. Undecided - Long Term Unemployed Voters

We are the people that have the most at stake (I’m still counting myself in there with the unemployed as my current job is at the most a six month contract), which of these candidates is going to work to turn this economy around. I know we need to not pay as much attention on what is happening in Washington and focus more on our local economies and what we can do to help support ourselves. Right now though, we do need to decide which one of these guys is going to be there for the next four years. Which one is hopefully going to make the right decisions for our country.

I agree with Joe in the CNN story, it’s hard to watch all of the political commercials, debates and news stories with all of the mudslinging going on. What does that tell me about where this candidate stands on the issues? Tell me about your policies, what you bring to the table...apply for the freakin’ job of President of the United States. We don’t bash others that are competing for the same job as we are in our interviews. We go in and sell ourselves, the candidates should have to do the same.

Whatever your decision is, whoever your candidate is....stay informed, stay alert, make your choice based on what is best for you but please most of all VOTE. It’s your right as an American citizen.

Thanks Cody for letting me write this one :) I'm signing off with my blog usual sign off 

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining....

~ See you in the Morning ~



  1. Well said Christine. Best of luck in your new job. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Brian. I'm really not a political person at all. As I said, this is one year, I am paying attention.


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