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What are your goals??? Seriously...

I don't wanna live there... but I wanna be able to go there when I wanna go there...

Seriously, do you set goals..? Have a solid idea of where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10, 30 years???

How about a kind of general "Mission Statement" for your life.

Here's my mission statement: "I want to take the necessary steps to be proud of my day to day life so I am happy as much as possible." ( I Just made it up... but its been that in some form for many years)

Here's my goals:

1. When I die I wanna be comfortable with the job I did as a Dad, Husband, Son, Family Member, Friend.
2. Make a positive influence on my community... NOW (this is a selfish one, I want my kids to want to live close by as they get older, but... I also love my community)
3. Make enough money that it's ok that I take the time away from making money to achieve the first 2 goals.
4. Be able to quit worrying about making money by the time I am 45.

You see goals are different than a mission statement... goals are shit you can put a check mark next to and say... yep, I did that.

Goal #1 --- I wont be able to check it off til the day I die... but it consumes me... I try to apply that goal to every decision I make, it doesn't always pan out... but its a great thing to bounce tough decisions off of.

Goal #2 --- This is kind of a weekly or monthly assessed goal. I always wanna do more... but sometimes it takes me getting pissed at myself for not doing enough to go and actually do something.

Goal #3 --- My wife and I have busted our asses and have fallen on them more than once trying to accomplish this goal. We are close... but not there yet. Money management and work/life balance are the tricks to manage to make this one... I want to accomplish this completely before my next birthday (May 10).

Goal #4 --- This is the big one money wise... I want to us have enough residual from investments, reoccurring income and locked in clients that by the time we are 45 we don't ever have the "Oh Shit where is next months money going to come from" moments. We are busting our asses to get there. But it sucks. I love our house but it needs fixed up, remodeled and added on, we refuse to go way into debt to do it... that wouldn't play into goal #4 at all, so we are piecing it along. I drive a 27 year old jeep I paid $800 for 4 years ago... I want a nicer car, but spending that money would compromise reaching goal #4. We have also realized that goal #4 is more important than ever having a huge house and really fancy cars and high end clothes and big watches. Debt free and sitting by the pool is more appealing to us than driving a Porsche and living in a mansion. We will make it.

I know there is someone reading this that thinks Goal #4 sounds good, but would be impossible for them... My wife and I are both college dropouts, our parents are not rich and we were dead ass broke in 2004, at 29 years old. It's possible for anyone in America.

So seriously, I wanna know... whats your goals?


  1. Do they teach goal planning in high school? Life planning? They really should if they don't. Planning ahead for what might happen or could happen? It's big thinking. I wish I would have done more of it. Yeah, I was dumb. I'm getting it back together but really wish I would have just planned ahead rather than scramble after a hard hit or collapse in my situation.

  2. I don't believe many high schools do Christine... might be a good idea... would be better taught by parents though.

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I love the discussion in the comments.. so... GO FOR IT!

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