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140 conference smalltown 2011

"We Teach Them to Drive"

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140 conference NYC 2011

"How the Internet is like a Small Town"
...Twitter is coffee shop of the world... the whole world can now know about the good or bad thing you did just like it's always happened at the small town coffee shop.

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CodyTalks Public Speaking


Consulting is a horrible word... with so many negative aspects associated with it...

I prefer to try and be a Problem-Solver when folks hire me to come and help. My promise to you is that our goal with my time spent with you is that you will see immediate effects in efficiency and profitability from the decisions and ideas we put into motion.

I have never been a fan of fluffy mission statements or broad scoping business plans...  while they are nice to have around, so many organizations create them and then try to live by them when the workers have no idea what to actually do on a day to day basis to achieve them. It leads to employee frustrations, a lack of actual accomplishment... and a diminished belief in the original mission. I'm not saying get rid of the mission you have, you just need to create daily work steps and smaller goals to get it done.

One of the primary assets I can bring to the table is an understanding of emerging technologies that can have a immediate effect on your organizations profit and loss statement. Production, Organization, Internal Communications and External Marketing can all be accomplished in way less time and with huge cost savings as compared to even 2008. We can help you make that leap forward.

Businesses Large and Small:
 a) Are you paying to much to communicate with and organize your employees? --- Probably.
 b) Are you implementing modern marketing methods that not only save you dollars, but reach more potentials? --- Probably could be doing more.
 c) Do you just need an outsider to analyze it all? - I'm an outsider.
 d) Are you spending WAY to much money on IT support? -it's highly likely.

School Districts:
 a) Are you using the most efficient and cost effective ways to communicate with your community and parents? - It's at least worth knowing if you are.
 b) Are you employing technology in the most efficient ways to teach your students? - Again worth the discussion and we will have new ideas.
 c) Are you spending WAY to much money on IT support? -it's highly likely.

 a) Are you using the most cost effective methods to communicate your message to the world? - I can help analyze and improve.
 b) Are you organizing employees and volunteers efforts and communication with them in the best way possible. - It's worth analyzing... increases in efficiency and savings in dollars are easily achieved.
 c) Are you spending WAY to much money on IT support? -it's highly likely.

Rural Communities:
 a) Are you just sitting and complaining that no one comes to your town, or are you telling the world about your marketable assets? - Seriously... answer that question, it's key to your survival.
 b) Are you using any/enough of the free technologies available to spread the word about your community and expand your economic and cultural development initiatives? - Be honest.
 c) Are you spending WAY to much money on IT support? -it's highly likely.

* I love to be a discussion facilitator if you are still needing to figure out what you need.
** Need someone to speak to a group instead of actually developing a plan for an organization, click here.

*** This is what I love to do, contact me if you think you need to 'barter"on any of this... it will just depend on my mood/schedule.

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